The Best Way to Stretch Yourself is to Stretch Yourself

Yoga is a tool for embodied wisdom. This is the human superpower. Knowledge synergized through environmental feedback.

Yoga or any embodied practice incorporates centering and integrating life’s daily lessons right where you are, in the here, and now. Even when your mind is somewhere else. The practice of yoga brings you back to confront the awareness of this paradox.

You might be thinking yoga is not for me.

It most certainly is. It is for everyone – scalable – you are the challenge – your body – your awareness – your breath.

You might benefit from yoga if you sit a lot, you find it challenging to process emotions that are coming up, you are facing something challenging in your life or business, you are feeling stuck or low energy, your mobility is lacking, you forget what it’s like to play or crawl on the ground. You forget what it’s like to begin.

5 pillars of transformation through a daily practice, such as yoga:

Commitment: Show me your calendar and I will tell you where your priorities are. With so much distraction-on-demand committing to a daily practice forces you to cut the BS and organize your time for YOUR benefit. Process and progress over results teaches you to live in the present moment and is a major happiness flex. When we practice we always receive. Not practicing gets you nothing.

Discipline: Life is full of sacrifice and the challenge of life is not IF you will make sacrifice but what those sacrifices will be and for what greater good? Saying yes to something requires 100 little no’s. Saying a big yes, like 30 days of yoga, makes all those nos automatic, which saves you time and energy. You will have to get organized in your time, and learn how to embody that practice daily on the mat by learning how to stack your parts, balance and control your limbs, by organizing your flesh and bones.

Growth: A daily practice that incorporates the above will have an immediate, measurable, and personal impact on your spiritual growth. Working on you will benefit you and anyone around you and the projects that are important to you.

Fun: We are physical beings and moving our bodies is fun! Doing weird poses and contorting your body is a scaled up version of making faces. Why do we do this? Because it’s fun and because we can! It’s a way of exploring and expressing ourselves. Motion is the way way we create and process emotion and train the intelligence of the body. The opposite of expression is depression. Moving your body intentionally is the most natural way to change your mood. Rolling around on the ground through yoga is a form of play, like dance.

Health: The benefits of exercise for physical, emotional, and health are well documented. Yoga requires one tool, your body. In the age of technology the human body remains the masterwork of evolution that no app or gadget can replace. Yoga is scalable, meaning your practice hits the ground running literally right where you are. All you need is you and the floor, a mat or blanket/towel, and other props can help but you can be creative and find something that works to get started. Whatever the challenge in life is we must no let external circumstances be an excuse to not start right where we are.

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